Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow helps young trees

The heavy snow has flattened many of our local bramble patches with its sheer weight.

In one place I noticed a birch sapling that had been separated out from of the surrounding brambles by this weight of snow, the birch having a stronger, more upright stem (see centre of the picture below).

20100112 Metre snow birch sapling

Later in the year it will, no doubt, grow away quite quickly surrounded by a low collar of brambles.  These may also grow, but perhaps will not be able to catch up with the tree again, a tree that last summer they were overtopping.

I suppose this must happen whenever there is a heavy snowfall, quite an unusual event in East Sussex.  But our long-stay indigenous flora and fauna has to be able to survive the once in fifty (or five thousand) year events and to some extent may benefit from them.

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