Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Killingan Coppice: 22 February 2010

It has rained and rained all day with twin rivers of water pouring down our road and constantly lowering skies with black, threatening clouds.

This picture shows the landscape in the rain from the corner of Killingan Coppice looking west towards Sedlescombe church.

Killingan Ivy Cottage 003

In the hollows of the coppice, the shallow pits caused by past opencast mining operations, probably for iron, will hold water for a few days, but not for long enough to be colonised by any wetland flora and fauna.

Killingan Ivy Cottage 016

The pale green moss growing on top of the bank on the left is a fine landscape feature in the open coppice at this time of year.

Killingan Coppice can, by the way, be seen on Google Earth as it was photographed from above on 23 May 2009.  It shows as a pale brown strip alongside Churchlands Lane, Sedlescombe at 21⁰ 56’ 37.66” N   0⁰ 32’ 12.38” E  (83.5 metres, 274 ft above sea level).

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