Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Drought on TV

On 20 March the BBC TV 'Country File' team came down to this part of East Sussex to film a story on the drought. They went to Bewl Water reservoir and to the Pestalozzi International Village where I met Michaela Strachan, the presenter (whose programmes I seem to have been watching for many years). She was quite chatty but spent most of the time sitting on a wall looking cold.

I was a bit disappointed that they chose to feature the dry garden as it looks positively alien in the Sussex landscape, more like a poor relation to something the Moors in southern Spain might have created and about as artificial a thing as one could do with plants. I am sure most of our native species will survive the drought, especially as the real problem lies with there being insufficient reservoir capacity and low (and decreasing) ground water levels.

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